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Undeath, Terror and Acid Hunters: Let's talk Urgot First Riot Post

Hey all,

Urgot's a champion we haven't talked much about recently and one who's fallen out of sight after we reduced his power a while back. That's something we'd like to look at - reanimated undead monstrosity with powerful, heavy weapons and a mighty hatred's a cool concept that we're not doing justice at the moment. As a result we'll be doing some work on Urgot's kit next year, experimenting to find out what we need to do to preserve (or enhance) the cool aspects about him, while fixing the problems that lead us to nerfing him heavily in the past. That'll take a while, as a starting point though I thought it'd be great to get a bunch of thoughts from people on Urgot, both what he currently is and what he's got the potential to be.

If you play Urgot, what is it that appeals to you about him, both in terms of theme and gameplay? Which of his abilities define what it's like to play Urgot for you? If you don't play Urgot, are there particular reasons you're not interested in doing so?

When playing as Urgot are there things that feel unnecessarily difficult to do or ineffective? When playing against Urgot are there things that feel unfair?

General thoughts/comments also extremely welcome. One disclaimer though - at the moment at least we're only looking to work on Urgot's gameplay, not do a full overhaul of him, so while we'll assummedly give Urgot a visual upgrade at some point it'll be a separate, later project.

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